Camisola Poveira


The traditional “Camisola Poveira” is a part of Póvoa de Varzim’s (Portugal) intangible heritage, since the mid 1900s, having become a historical symbol of strength, pride and resilience belonging to the local community, particularly the fishermen. It’s a special and distinctive handmade item.


This “Camisola Poveira” sweater is usually made with white wool decorated with black or red cross stitches, with local and national symbols (“siglas poveiras”, shields, royal crown, crossed paddles, anchors, crabs, etc). Throughout the years, evolved to have different colors and starting using different fibers so that the thread could become more fresh and lighter to the touch. The piece’s immeasurable value and unique character isn’t only in its decorative elements, but also in its structure, fabric (Póvoa wool) and distinctive shape. Purchasing a “Camisola Poveira” is an ode to the spirit and historical legacy of Póvoa de Varzim, as well as a way to value and dignify the meritorious work done by our local artisans for over 150 years.