Projeto Serra

Projeto Serraver

The new 100% Portuguese outwear clothing brand wants to democratize the customs of the interior of the country and relaunch ” the shepherd’s Fashion “. Project Serra debuts with a pilot collection of four models and part of the sales will be used for awareness and promotion actions associated with the territories represented in each Fleece– Soajo, Freita, Estrela and Pico.


October 12, 2021 – The story behind Projeto Serra begins 20 years ago, when an adventurous group of three cousins, remembered for the dirty resin hands of the trees and the dusty smiles of dry land, aspired to return to nature all the experiences and memories they created together.


The first thanks came when they became Boy Scouts ate the age of 6, and adhere to their values, marked by a deep connection to the earth and the community, in what would be a true mission of life.

Far to imagine that when they got to adulthood, and with careers linked to Marketing and Management, would sign an outwear clothing brand, totally inspired by nature that raised them.


But “brand” was a reductive concept to express what inspired and motivated them to launch themselves into the world of fashion, paradoxically one of the most polluting industries in the world.

With the support of Withstand Studio, which signed the entire creative concept of the brand, they then called it Projeto Serra, a kind of “Impact Marketing” with the purpose to give voice and visibility to the traditions and people of the Portuguese mountains and villages, while bringing the forgotten interior of Portugal closer to all Portuguese and the world.


“Promoting, protecting and preserving these natural spaces are some of the ideals of this movement, which in addition to the profitable aspect has the mission to help finance projects to promote these territories and artisans in danger of extinction,” says Tiago Pinto, one of the leaders of the project, alongside his cousins Ricardo Amaral and João Duarte.